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Reward-Based Dog Training:

Truly the Better Way!

Modern, scientifically-based dog training methods are force, pain, and fear-free, using purely positive reinforcement!

Certified Professional Dog Training throughout Chicagoland

Offering in-home dog training in Chicago, Illinois and the Chicago Suburbs

Peggy Moran's School for Dogs, LLC


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Certified, Force-Free Dog Trainer: 








Dog Behavior Training in the Chicago Area

Because your dog deserves the chance to make rewarding choices, rather than learning to avoid punishment!

Dog behavior trainer Peggy Moran can help you get started building better dog behavior--today!

Are you struggling with a problem dog? 

Just want to start dog training on the right paw? 

Dog Behavior Training Methods Matter!

Modern methods work better. Positive, progressive reinforcement dog training allows dogs to learn without fear, pain, or scolding. Teaching dogs what TO do gets better results--and results in happier pets and people--than training systems that focus on dominating and punishing dogs for what NOT to do! 

Dog Behavior training addresses canine self control issues. Teaching dogs to make appropriate choices--without scolding or commands--results in mannerly, calm, respected, and respectful companions. Jumping dogs learn to sit calmly; barking dogs learn silence is a more rewarding behavior.

    • In Chicago and the Chicago suburbs: Schedule a private consultation in your home or at Peggy's Manteno, Illinois facility:

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About Dog Behavior Trainer Peggy Moran 

Dog training without "dominance:" Nancy and Jett demonstrate good leadership has nothing to do with being "the boss!"

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Is Your Dog Bad... Or Bored?

Training does more than just improve your dog's behavior; it also helps redirect energy into appropriate, reward-earning outlets!

On Your Mark...

   Get Set...

        Good Dog!

Clicker training is a great way to highlight and build better dog behavior! 



Dogs DO NOT make moral choices, nor do they feel guilty about behaviors you find inappropriate! Dogs repeat behaviors that make THEM feel good.


Help your dog make motivated choices, to repeat behaviors that earn rewards, rather than making defensive choices in order to avoid punishment!